Who is

Rik Bhattacharja?

Rik Bhattacharja

(Okay, let’s pretend I did not write this about myself in third person)

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and raised in Montreal, Canada, Rik Bhattacharja was exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, and their respective stories, values, and ideas from different genres. In the spirit of cosmopolitanism, he is a lover of art, culture, thoughts, and people foreign to him. An antagonist of xenophobia, which is often born out of ignorance and fear of the unfamiliar, he considers himself a xenophile, one who is curious and relishes the idea of getting to know the “other,” the “foreign,” and the unknown. This worldly exposure blends into his literary works, sometimes emerging as poetry. Happy Hallucinations represents his first compilation of such literary work. On the other hand, his shadow, his darker thoughts, find expression in the ongoing horror thriller The Nightshift. As an aspiring polymath and Renaissance Man, he intends to experiment with various forms of art and literature in the future.

Rik also sporadically posts on his YouTube channel It’s a Rik Life, where he creates videos about his exploration of life. Currently, he is working on his ongoing self-improvement series, Tame Your Body, where he shares his personal journey of body transformation and fitness. He also invites guests to his self-improvement podcast, The Improvementors. He believes that authentic sharing of life and thoughts on social media is a necessary form of self-expression in our current world saturated with inauthentic influencers.

He hopes to one day be part of a movement that ushers the world into a future where people can realize their fullest potential in a society that uses art, science, and technology in a more humane way, at the service of mankind, and not the other way around.

(…Alright, I am done beating my own drums.)

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