Yoga Talks With Ashley Murtagh

For a very long time I wanted to create a podcast where I would get to interview interesting people and share their experience with others. The idea had been brewing for a long time, but it’s during the whole COVID-19 lockdown when I finally got the courage to start. Initially I planned to make ”Let’s Talk About It” an education-centric podcast, but later on I decided to talk about whatever that brings value to people.

I found Ashley Murtagh, the interviewee of the first episode, through a random search on YouTube. I was looking for a clear tutorial about the key differences between virasana (warrior pose) and vajrasana (thunder pose), and her video was one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. Her time spent in Rishikesh (India) got me even more curious. I sent her an e-mail asking whether she would be interested in doing an online interview with me, and, evidently, she said yes.

I invited Ashley to share her wisdom on yoga, but I ended up learning way more than that. In this interview Ashley talks about her profession, her travels, hiking, and life in general.

To learn more about Ashley:

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► If you are a woman currently in Oregon and love the outdoors, check out her wilderness training website.

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