I Got Really REALLY Sick

Been sick for 2 weeks and I am suspecting dehydration for the messed up immune system. On weeks 4-5 I am bringing the following changes:

💦 Drink 3L of water per day (at least!)

🥘 Consume less than 2200 calories (caloric deficit)

🕰 Intermittent fasting (it worked last time, so why not try again??)

👌 Fine tune my form + progressive overload

💪 Better progression measurement

For those who do not know my channel: I am documenting my entire weight loss journey to not only inspire my future self to stay fit, but also give my audience an idea of what transformation is supposed to be: imperfect, messy and time consuming. Major lifestyle changes are not supposed to be easy.

I hope my video inspires you to make time to make that 1% self improvement you need to do today. Subscribe to my channel to get weekly updates on my progress.

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Video Info:

Tame Your Body Episode 10

Creator: Rik Bhattacharja



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