Assessing My Fitness

This is the very first episode of It’s a Rik Life and its show Tame Your Body, documenting my fitness journey. In this video, I assess my current status in terms of body fat, strength and endurance.

The key points in this video:

►I lost 8 kg (18 lbs) in 6 months with Intermittent Fasting 0:50

►How to measure your BMI 1:28

►How to measure fat percentage 2:24

►Push up test 3:28

►Sit up test: 4:20

►Beep test: 5:10

►Assessment summary: 6:29

►Goals: 7:12

►Mindset: 7:28

There are some important links in this video:

►Diabetes Canada: Calculate your BMI 

►Fat% Calculator: Measure fat% and lean body mass 

►Beep test VO2 max calculator 

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Video Info:

Tame Your Body Episode 1

Creator: Rik Bhattacharja

Camera: Sikder Fahim Faisal



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